Current Supplier Opportunities with Cummins

Cummins has several supplier opportunities currently available in:

  • Insulation for emission products
  • Electrification & automation
  • Aluminum high pressure die castings - all tonnage ranges
  • Machinist who manages multiple aluminum casting foundries - high & non-high pressure castings

For more details on current Cummins business needs, see below:

  • FOCUS / OPPORTUNITY AREA: Carbs, Mixers, Throttle Bodies // CATEGORY: External Engines
  • FOCUS / OPPORTUNITY AREA: Printed Circuit Boards // CATEGORY: Electronics
  • FOCUS / OPPORTUNITY AREA: Electronic Distributors // CATEGORY: Electronics
  • FOCUS / OPPORTUNITY AREA: Fuel Mixers / Regulators / Rails // CATEGORY: External Engines
  • FOCUS / OPPORTUNITY AREA: Learning & Development – Supplier Consolidation // CATEGORY: CIP - Corporate Services
  • FOCUS / OPPORTUNITY AREA: Certified Panduit cable installation suppliers // CATEGORY: Telecom Cable // SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (1) Must be Panduit certified (2) Must be live on the Ariba Suppler Network (ASN) (3) Must use Cummins Global Panduit discount for all Cummins cable purchases and purchase cable via Anixter Inc. (4) Able to lay, pull, install, and configure Panduit 
  • FOCUS / OPPORTUNITY AREA: Domestic US road freight payment and Audit // CATEGORY: Transportation – SC services // DESCRIPTION: Management of domestic carrier invoices, audit and payments 
  • FOCUS / OPPORTUNITY AREA: Less than truckload shipments // CATEGORY: Transportation – SC services // DESCRIPTION: Asset based or competitive non-asset based less than truckload carrier.

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